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LORETO, PERU - CIRCA OCTOBER 2015:  Sunrise in the Peruvian Amazon.

Four Days in the Peruvian Amazon

A large world map with topographic and political divisions hung on one of the walls of the library of my parent’s house in Buenos Aires. I used to do most of my homework and high school assignments right there. It was warm place, perfect for day-dreaming too. Oftentimes, I pointed to that map, eyes closed, […]

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MANAROLA, ITALY - CIRCA MAY 2015:  Village of Manarola at night in Cinque Terre, Italy.

Cinque Terre in Photos | Italy

I am coming from a few days in Tuscany. I just left the rented car in La Spezia and boarded the train to Cinque Terre. This is my last stop for my long-overdue and first trip to Italy. I’m still marveling at what I’ve just experienced in a region dotted with medieval hill towns and […]

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URUBAMBA PROVINCE, CUSCO,  PERU - CIRCA OCTOBER 2015:  View of the Urubamba River and Valley in the Cusco region known as Sacred Valley in Peru.

Peru with the Fuji X-T1

I am back from an almost three-week-long journey to Peru. While this was not my first time traveling and shooting the Fujifilm X system, this trip kind of served to show that I am embracing it more than ever. Although I started shooting Fuji about two years ago and I made the full switch just […]

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LUCCA ITALY - CIRCA MAY 2015:  Walled city of Lucca at night, an historic town in Tuscany

Lucca in Photos | Italy

Tuscany is blessed in many different ways. Beyond being the birthplace of the Renaissance, the land is dotted with incredible villages, vineyard-soaked rolling hills, and medieval hilltop towns that truly make you never want to leave. Behind the intact Renaissance-era city’s walls lays Lucca, another Tuscan gem founded by the Etruscans way before the Common […]

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CIVITA DI BAGNOREGIO ITALY - CIRCA MAY 2015: View of Civita di Bagnoregio.

Civita di Bagnoregio in Photos | Italy

Italy’s central region is amazing. With so many places to visit, it is really difficult to decide where to go. It was natural for me to pick the most picturesque places, and I ended up with a road trip from Venice to Florence, Tuscany and on to the Cinque Terre. However, during the pre-trip research […]

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INLE LAKE, MYANMAR - CIRCA DECEMBER 2013: Stupa ruins in Sankar village (or Samka ). A small village located in the south of Inle Lake.

A day in Samkar | Myanmar

Inle Lake in Myanmar is no doubt an amazing place. I have wonderful memories from the couple of days I spent wandering it. In fact, I returned with tons of images from Inle Lake and I still have photos that I never processed. So, I just went back to the archives and finished some more. […]

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