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OLLANTAYTAMBO, PERU - CIRCA OCTOBER 2015:  Archaeological site Pinkuylluna in Ollantaytambo, a small village in the Cusco region known as Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley in Photos, from Cusco to Ollantaytambo | Peru

The sun is just about to break. It’s almost five in the morning and the night bus from Puno is pulling into the Cusco terminal. It was a long ride but I can’t wait to start this leg of the trip. I am here on my way to Ollantaytambo to catch the train for Ciudad […]

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SCOTLAND - CIRCA APRIL 2016: Sunrise in the Quiraing a popular tourist attraction near Staffin in Skye an Island in Scotland

Skye in Photos | Scotland

Rugged—that’s the first word that comes to my mind while gazing through the window of the hired car running the swerving single-lane track along the ridge. All of a sudden the auto slows down. From the front another vehicle stops and the driver waves his hand; it means we can go. The pavement is so […]

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TAQUILE, PERU - CIRCA OCTOBER 2015:  A woman from the insland of Taquile buying wool in the market of Taquile in Lake Titicaca.

A Night in Taquile, Lake Titicaca | Peru

I am sitting on the open stern of a touristy motorboat navigating the highest lake in the world. Just observing the immense blue sky reflecting in the water with the Andes as a backdrop is an exhilarating experience. This is Lake Titicaca and I am really grateful to be back. This is my second time […]

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LORETO, PERU - CIRCA OCTOBER 2015:  Sunrise in the Peruvian Amazon.

Four Days in the Peruvian Amazon

A large world map with topographic and political divisions hung on one of the walls of the library of my parent’s house in Buenos Aires. I used to do most of my homework and high school assignments right there. It was warm place, perfect for day-dreaming too. Oftentimes, I pointed to that map, eyes closed, […]

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MANAROLA, ITALY - CIRCA MAY 2015:  Village of Manarola at night in Cinque Terre, Italy.

Cinque Terre in Photos | Italy

I am coming from a few days in Tuscany. I just left the rented car in La Spezia and boarded the train to Cinque Terre. This is my last stop for my long-overdue and first trip to Italy. I’m still marveling at what I’ve just experienced in a region dotted with medieval hill towns and […]

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URUBAMBA PROVINCE, CUSCO,  PERU - CIRCA OCTOBER 2015:  View of the Urubamba River and Valley in the Cusco region known as Sacred Valley in Peru.

Peru with the Fuji X-T1

I am back from an almost three-week-long journey to Peru. While this was not my first time traveling and shooting the Fujifilm X system, this trip kind of served to show that I am embracing it more than ever. Although I started shooting Fuji about two years ago and I made the full switch just […]

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