Trip to Europe | Day 9 | Prague

Just came back to the Hotel to post yesterday’s pictures and breakfast, I waked up at 5 am today to go and shoot early morning the Charles Bridge, and it was just great, but let me tell you…. it was freezing cold…

Maybe I am in love with this city, maybe its just the fact that was here, about 7 years ago, that my passion for photography was reawaken, I don’t know what it is very well but this place is really magical.

Prague, is the capital of the Czech Republic, and also the most valuable historical city reserve, as the entire core of the city which cover about 866 hectares was named by Unesco as “World Cultural and Natural Register Heritage”.

The only drawback in a place like this, and least for me, is the massive quantity of visitors and tourists, for times, just looks like Disneyland, making difficult to even walk in certain areas.

I have one more day of shooting, today… and then back to home, so this is the last post from the trip, as I won’t be able to post tomorrow, I’ll be in a flight heading Miami. In next few weeks I’ll continue to post pictures, but finished and edited versions, I can’t wait to get my hands to them, I have great material to work with.

My next trip will be to Peru, in June 2011, you can see the details in the website, there are still some spots open, so you can join me and have fun.

So, here are the pictures taken yesterday in beautiful Prague, comments are always appreciated, that’s all for now folks…. more to come soon, in the meantime have a great Sunday and get out there and shoot something……