Trip to Europe | Day 7 | Budapest

I am packing up and prepping to move to the last stop of the trip today, I’ll spend the weekend shooting in Prague, and then return home. The trip from Budapest to Prague, seems to be around 5 hours drive, and I am also planning to visit the famous thermal spring baths here in Budapest before leaving, so I am not so sure if I’ll have some photo time today.

But anyways, yesterday was fantastic, unfortunately I couldn’t catch up the hop on and off bus, and I ended up walking all day again, this is being proven to be a great exercise. So I walked to the parliament during the morning and the headed to the other side of the Danube river.

Budapest used to be 2 cities, Buda and Pest, then become together forming Budapest. Both sides are great but totally different, I enjoyed both, you can get wonderful vistas from each side of the river and great places to visit also in both. 2 days felled short for this visit, I guess if you want to see it all, or at least better, you’ll need at least 4 to 5 days.

For the first time during the trip, the weather didn’t help me yesterday, don’t get me wrong… it was freezing cold the entire trip, but yesterday was also overcast most of the day, so in some of the pictures I was almost forced to try to see and think Black and White, or strip off the sky. I had good pictures anyway.

Well, here are some the pictures that I most like of yesterday, I’m going now to go downstair, have some breakfast and then punish myself in the thermal baths….

That’s all for now folks, more to come soon, in the meantime.. get out there and shoot something.