Trip to Europe | Day 6 | Budapest

Budapest is really awesome, however is bigger than expected, as always, yesterday started to walk around and realized that the city was really big, and the main sights are all over the places, so to the contrary to the prior cities I went this one is more difficult to walk around as distances between the main spots are big. The city also spreads to both sides of the Danube, making it even more difficult. That was a drawback because I didn’t get to see so many places as I expected yesterday, hence the way not very productive in terms of pictures.

I have a different plan for today, I am taking it by bus instead of walk, granted my legs will thank me…. and luckily I have another day here. But this is the last day in Budapest tomorrow I’ll move to Prague, my last stop in the trip before coming back home.

So I leave you with some pictures, and we’ll get some more tomorrow, so that’s all for now, in the meantime get out there and shoot something,,,,