Trip to Europe | Day 5 | Vienna

Here I am, ready to start my first day in Budapest, but not before uploading some of the pictures taken yesterday in Vienna. I am going to stay 2 more nights in Budapest, that will give me time for some twilight and night shots, that I couldn’t do in Vienna and Bratislava as we were moving to the next city during that time.

I didn’t have Vienna in my original plan, but as I saw it was only 50 minutes from Bratislava, I wanted to get at least a glimpse and feel it, and let me tell you I am speechless. I’ve never seen such concentration of amazing architecture, history and culture, everywhere you look there is a new monument, museum, church, palace, or historical building. The population is about 1.6 million people and the city centre was designated a Unesco World Heritage Site.

It is really difficult to express in words how magnificent this city is, pictures may help to describe it but they don’t make justice either, it doesn’t matter how good or bad they are, the city is just spectacular. One day is not enough to see it well, you can just take a quick look around. You’ll have to stay a least a week in order to be immersed in the city and culture.

Vienna, is also really expensive, very expensive… a latte cost about 7 euros, a dinner for two in a standard local restaurant about 60 euros, with no wine, no dessert… but I think it’s worth every penny.

I started in the morning walking around a local street market, it was really colorful and awesome to see how the locals buy their groceries, I think just for the day… then get back and buy some more the next day, after that I headed to the city centre.

We’ll here are some of the pictures I made yesterday, really quick edits to post in the blog, it is time now go and take a 30 min. sauna and get ready to go out and explore Budapest.

I hope you like the pictures, more to come tomorrow from Budapest, in the meantime, get out there and shoot something….