Trip to Europe | Day 3 | Brno

Here are some other pictures I’ve taken in Brno yesterday, it was a short day photographically speaking, as I just stayed there a couple of hours and then it was time to move to the next point.

So, I just walked around a little bit during the morning, and then returned to the hotel to pack and go. After lunch we drove to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, and for what I saw this city is much bigger than Brno, but I’ll start start walking around today.

I guess I made a bad hotel selection, so besides being and old Russian, I assume, never maintained….. since well… a long time… there is no internet, luckily I had only one night and I am planning to move today, to another one. So the situation with the internet seems to be worst every day, we’ll see what happens once I get to Budapest… and Ohhh, and piece of advice… don’t totally trust those prior visitors reviews, trust more in your guts… 🙂

Anyways, I keep posting low res images, there are not that many today as these are from the morning in Brno. All of them are quick edits, some already processed in HDR, but without my usual post HDR processing. There is no time for fancy editing here, I’d rather be out there shooting and take care of that once in get home, plus the screen in the laptop is really inconvenient.

Hope you like them, and thanks for the comments I’m getting, please don’t be shy and keep writing I really love them, critics are also welcome.

Well that’s all for now, more to come soon, in the meantime, get out there and shoot something…..