The Phone Booth in Budapest | HDR Photo

It was my last day in Budapest, and I was shooting from the Pest side in the evening, trying to get everything I could during those few minutes of twilight, and the light was gone, so no more blue sky, at least from where I was, and with the city lights I had no more opportunity to catch a blue sky, so I packed it all and started my walk back to the hotel.

A few blocks ahead I found this phone booth in a corner, I liked the building and the street, still, it was dark, but right there I envisioned this picture, light just from the phone booth, and dark night in the rest of the street, so I pulled the tripod, mounted the wide angle and fired away… it took me 3 or 4 shoots, to get the angle I was looking for, and in the last one I went to the phone booth and opened the door. I was there probably a good 20 minutes making this photo and having fun… specially when tourists were passing by and stopping to see what I was shooting at, they stop, looked… looked again… and I know… they must be thinking there was something there, or this guy just went nuts… shooting an empty and boring phone booth… but they don’t see anything and walked away…

So here it is, my picture of a lonely phone booth in Budapest, shoot in the darkness of the night in a old empty street, I really like the mood of the image and I hope you like it too, as always click on the image to see it bigger.

That’s all for now… more to come soon, in the meantime, get out there and shoot something….