The Diner in Miami Beach

Found this place walking around  in Miami Beach, it is located in Washington Ave. and 11th Street.

It was late in the afternoon, almost night, and I loved the retro look so I started to take photos from across the street, then decided to wait to have people in the scene, either walking in or walking out of the diner, so I waited and waited…. there were people coming in and out…. but not what I was looking for. Then this couple showed up, and I knew I had it when checked out the back of the camera. I like the way they walk into the diner almost in sync… but thats just me….

Anyways…. that’s all for now… more coming soon..

Miami Beach - Circa 2012: Couple walking into a retro diner in Miami Beach. Editorial Usage Only. (Daniel Korzeniewski)

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