The Building at the Side | HDR Photo

I’ve found this building at the side of the old church I photographed last week in Nassau, I fact it’s in the same property but not attached to the church, this church is the oldest one in Nassau, but you can see more information and pictures about it in my prior post or clicking here.

I liked the old and rusted walls and patio so I stopped by and took some photos, and this remind me how often in the rush to go to the next place we, as photographers, forget to document the not so obvious, the details or side places that usually can end up being very rewarding.

Like the HDR photos in my prior post, this one was done using the Nikon D300 and the lens of choice is again the Sigma 10-20 mm. This image is done with 9 bracketed exposures, and I post processed the final photo using the new HDR Efex Pro from Nik Software and fine tuned in Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Stay tuned, more photos to come soon…