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Iceland in Photos – 29 Images of My Adventures Around the Ring

If you travel to Iceland for the first time and you do some research beforehand, you expect to see greatness and amazing landscapes, but in all honesty, there are no words to describe its magic allure once you arrive. As we left Keflavik, a small town about fifty kilometers from Reykjavik that hosts the international […]

Sapa in Photos | Vietnam

Vietnam is a country of wonders, and yet there is a magical place of breathtaking beauty and incredible people that surpassed all my expectations during this photo trip. A typical Red Dao home nestled in the middle of the northern mountains, close to Sapa town in the small village of Ta Phin, is where we […]

Halong Bay in Photos | Vietnam

A refreshing breeze coming from the Gulf of Tokin is the perfect accompaniment to the breathtaking beauty of the over two thousand limestone islands emerging from its emerald waters. This is Halong Bay and I am relaxing and enjoying myself on the top deck of a typical junk boat exploring this mythical place. Halong is […]

Cesis in Photos | Latvia

A medieval town nestled amid a pine forest and the Gauja National Park, less than two hours away from Riga, was more than enough reason for me to make a day trip. Getting there was fairly easy. Buses and trains run almost hourly, with several options from Riga.  This place is just wonderful: yes, widely […]

Arequipa in Photos | Peru

It’s past noon and I am rushing through narrow sidewalks and busy cobblestone streets, trying to find my way for my first meeting with the staff of Hoop Peru, the non-profit organization that I am collaborating with. I need to make it in time to catch the kombi that will take me to the school […]

Riga in Photos | Latvia

Gazing through a less-than-perfect old window, the glass stained by years, I spot locals rushing out over the narrow cobblestone street; occasionally, a group of tourists following their guide. There is a pleasant feeling in the ambient, soft music, and the fresh smell of recently ground coffee accompanied by the almost-permanent whistle of the coffee […]

Yangon Central Railway Station in Photos | Myanmar

Looking out through the window of a rusted train, a toothless Burmese man smiles to me. His daughter, wearing the traditional yellowish-white cosmetic thanaka paste, looks down, almost shy of the moment and my presence there.  Like many others, they are patiently waiting for their convoy to depart from Yangon’s Central Railway Station. If you […]

Volunteering for HOOP Peru | Arequipa

I am on a cramped bus (Kombi) with my head tilted down. I am a big guy, not really tall, but that’s the only way I can fit. The kombi is stopping every other corner after the short but loud announcement, “sube, sube” or “baja, baja” from the man in charge. He is “sort of” […]

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Back in February I went to New Orleans just for a weekend. I strolled around this amazing city making photos mainly around the French Quarter and across the river in Algiers Point. Coincidently with my trip was the first week of Mardi Gras, ahhh!!!! Mardi Gras in New Orleans… The beginning of 2 weeks of Carnival […]

Farmers in the Shan Province | Myanmar (Burma)

Getting ready for my trip to Arequipa in Peru this coming week, I am joining forces with Photographers Without Borders  to help HOOP Peru raise awareness by documenting their activities in the region. So this is most likely the last post before I leave, but stay tuned as I’ll be sharing images and stories from […]

Jackson Square | New Orleans

My last day in New Orleans was kinda crappy, the weather was really awful and it was raining badly almost all day long. Fortunately that’s not necessarily bad for photography, in fact it helps to produce distinctive photos with great reflections and a different feel. You just need to be on the look and try […]

Inle Lake | Myanmar

Still working on photos from the trip to Myanmar, this was an amazing trip with lots of photos and stories to share, so I’ll keep them coming. It’s way difficult to decided which place I prefer the best, all of Myanmar was certainly magical, needles to say the days in Inle Lake were beyond my […]

An Afternoon in Algiers Point | New Orleans

It looks like a movie set, at times surreal.  The mix of houses in disrepair and the ones restored is like nothing I’ve seen before. I am in Algiers Point, just 10 minutes away from the French Quarter, crossing the Mississippi River to the west bank by taking The Algiers Ferry. Established in 1719, this […]

Announcing a photo tour to Bhutan

Just finished up the sign up page and information for a new photo tour. This one is the last one I’ll be doing for 2014, but I am cooking up at least 4 tours for 2015, so stay tuned on those. The Bhutan photography trip and expedition  will be in October, and you can come with […]

New Orleans Skyline

I am back from a weekend in New Orleans, just shooting around the city, it was the first Mardi Gras weekend of 2014 and it was packed. The idea was to capture as much as I could from the city and of course the street action and festivities, I wish I had more time, but […]

People around Mandalay | Myanmar

My time in Mandalay was about 3 days, during those days wandered around, within the city mainly the outskirt of the city where you can find more traditional Burmese lifestyle than in the city itself. There is so much diversity here, monasteries, art and crafts workshops, and of course rural areas. In this post I […]

Announcing a photo tour to Vietnam and Cambodia

Hey folks, pretty excited today!!! I just announced a photo tour and expedition to the incredible Vietnam and Cambodia, this trip is going to be amazing and can’t wait to go there. I spent the last 2 months researching the locations and the best options for photography. Visit Hanoi, Duong Lam, Sapa, Bac Ha, Lao […]

The Street Market in Yangon | Myanmar

In Yangon there are no chain stores, so where do locals turn for they daily needs? The street market… Yes, locals go shopping everyday and they go to the street market where they can find everything you can imagine. Dead or alive, from fresh produce to, rice, meats, spices and beyond. The market stretches for […]

Wandering in Yangon | Myanmar

Yangon truly is a bustling city. Despite the fact that it’s the former capital of Myanmar ever since 2006 rolled around, and the government relocated to Naypidaw, it’s still the country’s largest city and commercial center. Over 5 million souls call it home. The city is also known as Rangoon, but the name was changed […]

Highlights of Myanmar (Burma)

I’ve just returned from a 12 day trip to Myanmar (Burma), it was truly a great experience and I came back with a lot to share. The trip was organized by Within the Frame, and I really want to thank our amazing guide, Nay Win Oo (Shine) for his dedication to the group and for […]

St. Petersburg by Night | Russia

While in St. Petersburg back in March had also the opportunity to do some night photography, because I was there just about 3 nights just tried to focus in the photos of the most iconic and traditional places, and by the way they are all spectacular. Like in a prior post about shooting at night […]

Views from Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg | Russia

Saint Petersburg in Russia is truly an amazing city, the historical city centre constitute a UNESCO World Heritage Site, just walking around its impossible not to admire the variety and diverse architecture of the many  famous buildings, among them one of the most iconic ones is the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral that you can see in […]

Highlights of St. Petersburg | Russia

Saint Petersburg in Russia is truly an amazing city, located on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic sea, it is also the northernmost city in the world with a population of over one million. Spent 4 days wandering around back in March, long enough to leave me […]

Moscow to St. Petersburg in the Sapsan

Still working on the photos from the trip to Russia, you can see the first photos from Moscow on my prior post here. Like mentioned before, I was 4 days in St. Petersburg as well, moved between cities using the first hight speed train within Russia, better known as Sapsan or the Peregrine Falcon. The service […]