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If you want to learn more about microstock….

I just finished reading the book Microstock Money Shots: Turning Downloads into Dollars with Microstock Photography written by Ellen Boughn. Ellen, has worked in the stock industry for more than 30 years, making her one of the today’s go to consultants in the subject. In this book she describes with detail all aspects of the […]

A great tool to market and distribute my images

I’ve been using Photoshelter for some time now, at first just to have an online back up of my images and to easily showcase my work in galleries. But with the time they have introduced more and more tools, and today I use it almost every day as part of my workflow. Photoshelter is a […]

Boost your Microstock income with HDR photos

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos can be a great way to increase your potential income from microstock sites, in fact some of my best seller images are HDR. I know HDR it’s a very controversial subject among photographers, just mention it in any forum and you’ll have very intense discussions. If you look around for […]