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The Rusty Garage

HDR photography, like it or not? I love it. Of course, like many others I don’t like it overdone, and I know sometimes its difficult to know where and when you are crossing the line, so my take is that if I think I went too far, then I probably did. So I always go […]

Old Wagons HDR Photo

Hey folks, here is another HDR photo taken at the Golden Coast Railroad Museum, here in Miami. This is an awesome place to practice HDR photography, in fact I have a prior post with a gallery of images that I made in this location, and you can see it here. They don’t have any problems […]

The Magnificent Hoover Dam

In a recent trip I had the opportunity to visit Hoover Dam, and I was really impressed by such engineering marvel, specially when you think it was constructed between 1931 and 1936, and also because of the massive effort to build this massive concrete structure and the difficulties the project presented. Nevertheless the six companies […]

Rural Mailboxes

Driving to Grand Canyon somewhere close to Williams in Arizona, I started to see unpaved dirt roads entrances from the route, at first I didn’t put a lot of attention, but then I noticed mailboxes cramped along wood structures on the side of the roads in every entrance. I’m not sure why, maybe just because […]

Paris Las Vegas

Everybody knows how amazing is Vegas, “The Entertainment Capital of the World” with major resorts all over, shopping, fine dining and of course, gambling, ahhh I always want to go back. As far as photography there are infinite opportunities just in the Strip alone you can spend days and days and keep coming from more. […]

South Pointe Park | Miami Beach Photo

One the best outdoor locations we have here in Miami to take pictures is South Pointe Park. This is an urban park situated in the SoFi (South of Fifth Street) area in South Miami Beach, really a great place that was completely renovated in 2009.

Morning in the beach

Caribbean, coconuts, beach…. the good life.. Got this image in a recent trip to Nassau in the Bahamas, it was a quick 2 day business trip, but I brought the camera with me. With almost not opportunity to shot the first couple of days, I decided to “make and effort” and wake up early in […]

Rusted car in Hackberry general store

Here is a new HDR photo  I took in Route 66 in Arizona, I found this car in the famous Hackberry General Store, this is really a wonderful place to stop  and take pictures. This is a really old gas station now converted into a museum, they have tons of roadside memorabilia, and you feel going […]

HDR Photography with the iPhone

So I finally got my hands in the iPhone 4, just in time to download and install the iOS 4.1 which now includes HDR when you shoot. I was really eager to give it a try and went down the street to test it, and to be honest, I really had fun, I know I […]

The Corvette at Route 66

Keep going back to the images in the recent trip to Arizona, this place in the middle of Route 66 was a great stop with lots of opportunities. This particular was taken with the Nikon D700 and the 14-24 2.8 lens. This is an HDR image made of 5 bracketed shots.

Grand Canyon Sunset

Still working on the images of the last trip to Grand Canyon, and I’ll post a gallery soon, in the meantime I wanted to post this image that I really like. I shoot this image at sunset from Lipan Point on Desert View Drive, I believe this is one the best view points to catch […]

300 Miles of Desert

Found this place in the Arizona portion of Route 66, it is called Hackberry, they have an old General Store, and lots of abandoned cars and all type of memorabilia. This particular image was taken on one of the side buildings, I just loved the rusted signs. I’ll post more pictures of this place soon.

Route 66

Just came back from a weeklong trip to the Grand Canyon. I drove from Las Vegas to the South Rim in Arizona, taking portions of the historic Route 66. The places are amazing with plenty of shooting opportunities all around. I took these 2 images right off Route 66, both are in different places, but […]

A quick visit to the Miami Railroad Museum

About 4 weeks ago I went to the Railroad Museum, here in Miami. I really loved the place; there are plenty of possibilities and awesome shoot opportunities. The subject was ideal to try some HDR, like always I use HDR to try to show the image in a more realistic way trying to capture a […]

My Caribbean Beach picture wins 1st Place at SFCC

This picture just won 1st place in the March competition of the South Florida Camera Club, so is now part of my favorite collection.  The SFCC is a great group of photography enthusiasts ranging in skill from beginner to advance professionals. So if you live in the area you should consider to join us, our […]

Vegas Baby!!!

About a year ago I went to Vegas, this morning looking in my archives I found this picture collecting dust, I processed and I am loving it. Hopefully you enjoy it as well.

Boost your Microstock income with HDR photos

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos can be a great way to increase your potential income from microstock sites, in fact some of my best seller images are HDR. I know HDR it’s a very controversial subject among photographers, just mention it in any forum and you’ll have very intense discussions. If you look around for […]