Stairs to Petrov

I’ve been very busy this past week trying to catch up with editing and with a couple of commercial shoots, I am almost done with the photos of the first city I’ve visited in the trip to Europe, Brno, in the Czech Republic and I’ll be posting a gallery of all the finished images soon.

Speaking of Brno, today’s picture was taken there in the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, locally known as Petrov. You need to use these stairs to go up to the tower, lots of steps there… but totally worth it, you access from a small door in one the sides of the church and you have to climb about 6 to 7 floors but the view from up there is just magnificent, if you saw some of my pictures of the red roofs of Brno you know what I am taking about.

Anyways, the Cathedral itself is also great, it was built in the top of a hill, and that’s also the main reason you get the great views from up there. I made this picture when I was coming down, this is just one shot with the Sigma 10-20mm lens, just used the rails to hold the camera and stabilize it.

The final image was post-proceseed with Lightroom and Photoshop, and I really like the change in colors produced by the different light source types, the blues coming from the windows and the yellows by the lamps of the interior of the stairs, I also like the way the view convey to the center of the image and the path downstairs, as always click on the image to see a larger version.

I hope you like it too, ┬áthat’s all for now…. more to come soon… in the meantime get out there and shoot something.