Really Thankful

I am actually rushing trying to finish last minute errands and coordinating pending deliveries in the studio as the 10 day trip to Europe is around the corner. I am really excited about the trip and itinerary, so stay tuned because it is my plan to post daily pictures and stories from the road starting this coming thursday the 3th. Speaking about travel, please also remember that there is still time to join me to the upcoming photo trip to Peru.

But I didn’t want to leave without expressing how thankful I am with all my friends and peers at the South Florida Camera Club, this is really an amazing organization leaded by Danny Hammontree, founded¬†in 2006 to teach, inspire and bring together photographers in South Florida. Danny really puts a lot of passion and effort by bringing amazing guest speakers every month and organizing the meetings.

As part of the activities there is a monthly photo contest, and at the end of the year there is a special competition to select the best photo of the year between the 12 monthly winners. Also the photographer that most point accumulates gets awarded as photographer of year, but you can see the rules just visiting the photo club page.

I’ve joined the club in late 2008, and started to participate in the competences sometime during 2009, but during 2010 I’ve participated almost every month, I won 3 times and placed 2nd and 3rd in a couple of different occasions. The accumulation of points earned me the Photographer of the Year award. But, also during the last weekend annual party, my peers voted one of my photos as Best Photo of the Year and another one placed 3rd.

So I really feel honored and thankful with all the people that supported my work and made possible to get the Best Photo of Year, and Photographer of the Year Award, and just wanted to say thanks.

This is the photograph voted as Best Photo of Year, and it won first place in the “Dreamscapes” contest for the month of March. It was taken in Nassau, in the Bahamas.


This other photo was 3rd place in the annual contest, and it was the winner in the September contest, the theme that month was “Painting with Light” I made this photo the studio, if you want to learn a bit more of how it was done, see it here.



So, what else can I ask for? I am really happy and can’t express enough¬†my gratitude to all my friends in the club, and remember if you are living in South Florida and photography is your thing, come and join us, this is a place that will really inspire you.

That’s all for now, just remember to visit often to follow the upcoming trip, but in the meantime go out there and make some pictures….