Announcing a photo tour to Bhutan

Just finished up the sign up page and information for a new photo tour.

This one is the last one I’ll be doing for 2014, but I am cooking up at least 4 tours for 2015, so stay tuned on those.

The Bhutan photography trip and expedition  will be in October, and you can come with me the Land of the Thunder Dragon, a really magical place.

The Royal Kingdom of Bhutan, is a small nation nested in the eastern Himalayas, between Tibet, China and India, rich in ancient traditions, Buddhist sites, friendly people and a vast expanse of natural beauty that make it an appetizing  goal for any adventurous photographer.

This adventure is designed to take us to the most stunning locations, meet the monks and interact with locals in their local environment. 

The spirit of this kingdom will spark your awareness and creativity, improve and expand your technique, ameliorate your heart with the raw, natural beauty of this majestic kingdom.

The tour is open to all levels of photographic skills, from beginner to experienced. However, there will be no formal workshops or critiques. We will share knowledge and skills along the way, in the spirit of true adventurers.

Join me in Bhutan, enrich your portfolio with stunning images, make new friends and let the Land of the Thunder Dragon resonate in your heart through your images.

All the details are in the tour page, just click here.

You can also register by visiting the Registration Page here.