Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest

Went back to the archive and found this photo taken in Budapest last year, this is a marvelous city that I really want to go again, as I was there only 2 days and with a spare camera… so many places to see and almost no time.

The history of the academy goes back to 1825, and it was created with the objective of develop the Hungarian language and the study of the sciences and the arts in Hungarian, this building sits at the bank of the Danube and It was inaugurated in 1865 in Neo-Renaissance Style. The Hungary Academy of Sciences is the mos important and prestigious learned society of Hungary, and you can read the full history in english here.

This is an HDR photo and it was taken from the Chain Bridge right after sunset, I like the wide angle view, the building siting on the right and traffic and view of the Danube in the left.

Well, that’s all for now, more coming soon…

View of the Hungarian Academy of Science and street with motion car bording the Danube. (Daniel Korzeniewski)


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