Happy New Year from Miami!!!

Yes, just wanted to say happy new year to all my friends, it was a great year,  I got to know a lot of wonderful people, and learned so many things…. as always, the good the bad and the ugly, but you get to keep those wonderful moments.

I have great expectations for 2011 and I am very excited with the photo tours I am planning to be leading, the first one scheduled for June, to Peru, is going to be wonderful and I can’t wait to be there, I really hope that some of you will join me to this amazing trip.  I am also planning, to shoot more, blog more and keep learning, yes… with photography you always have to keep learning, and there is always room from improvement.

Now, down to the picture, I photographed this picture a couple of days ago in Bayfront Park, here in Downtown Miami, and I really like the way the sky rendered agains the Christmas tree and cityscape, twilight skies are always spectacular and one of my favorites. This HDR photo is composed of 9 bracketed shots 1 stop apart, tonemapped in NIK HDR Efex Pro, and post processed with Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CS5. The camera is my Nikon D300 and I used the Sigma 10-20 wide angle.

I hope you like it, comments are always appreciated, now get out there and shoot something, and have a great 2011 everyone!!!