Day trip to Colonia del Sacramento | Uruguay

I am back from Buenos Aires, well, getting ready to go out again and trying to catch up with all the pending editing.

Anyhow, during the trip just decided to cross the pond and visit Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay, several companies are offering day trips, but the best bet is to take either the ferry (3 hours) or the faster hydrofoil boat (1 hour), I went the faster way and returned in the ferry.

The trip is great, too bad I was there just for the day, and not during the best hours to photograph, you get there almost noon and the return is before sunset, but this is really a fantastic place, just imagine, the oldest town in Uruguay, and named World Heritage Site by the Unesco. It was funded by Portugal in 1680 right across Buenos Aires in the bank of the Rio de la Plata river.

Here are some photos taken while walking the historic quarter, seems that I was inspired by antique lamps and rustique walls that day, nor that you’ll find much more other than that, cobblestone streets and charming tranquility all over.

View of the street in Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. (Daniel Korzeniewski)

Aerial view of Colonia del Sacramento and the Rio de la Plata River in Uruguay. (Daniel Korzeniewski)

View from the lighthouse in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. (Daniel Korzeniewski)

Calle de los Suspiros (Sighs Street) in Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay (Daniel Korzeniewski)

Typical antique lamp in the streets of Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay (Daniel Korzeniewski)

Detail view of the structure of the Plaza de toros Real de San Carlos in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. (Daniel Korzeniewski)

Black and white photo of and old and rusted wagon wheel. (Daniel Korzeniewski)

View of a typical window in the historic city of Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. (Daniel Korzeniewski)

Close up of mate cups with Uruguay flag. Mate is a traditional drink very similar to tea in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and some parts of Brazil. (Daniel Korzeniewski)

My partners in crime for this lovely day were my beautiful sister Nadia, and my handsome father JC, and of course I needed to photograph them as well… sorry guys….

Lastly on the way back to Buenos Aires stepped out and photographed the ferry and this time yes!!! my favorite time of the day, twilight….

Night view of the deck of one the ferry boats that service the crossing of the Rio de La Plata, between Colonia del Sacaramento in Uruguay and Buenos Aires in Argentina. (Daniel Korzeniewski)

And this is all for now, more coming soon….