Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Back in February I went to New Orleans just for a weekend. I strolled around this amazing city making photos mainly around the French Quarter and across the river in Algiers Point. Coincidently with my trip was the first week of Mardi Gras, ahhh!!!! Mardi Gras in New Orleans… The beginning of 2 weeks of Carnival […]

Highlights of New Orleans

Sharing some of the photos I like the most from my weekend in New Orleans. This was a short trip, unfortunately the second and last day rained really bad, so what I had planned for that day couldn’t happen, or let’s say it ended up in a different way. Despite the weather conditions I was […]

Jackson Square | New Orleans

My last day in New Orleans was kinda crappy, the weather was really awful and it was raining badly almost all day long. Fortunately that’s not necessarily bad for photography, in fact it helps to produce distinctive photos with great reflections and a different feel. You just need to be on the look and try […]

Calle 8 Festival | Carnaval Miami

What’s going on at the Calle 8 festival? I didn’t know…  and I needed to find out, many photography friends always mentioned it like a great place for some street photography. My Little Havana experience was only “Viernes Culturales”  an event that runs the last friday of every month. But the Calle 8 Carnival it’s a […]

An Afternoon in Algiers Point | New Orleans

It looks like a movie set, at times surreal.  The mix of houses in disrepair and the ones restored is like nothing I’ve seen before. I am in Algiers Point, just 10 minutes away from the French Quarter, crossing the Mississippi River to the west bank by taking The Algiers Ferry. Established in 1719, this […]

New Orleans Skyline

I am back from a weekend in New Orleans, just shooting around the city, it was the first Mardi Gras weekend of 2014 and it was packed. The idea was to capture as much as I could from the city and of course the street action and festivities, I wish I had more time, but […]

Coral Gables City Hall | HDR Photo

The Coral Gables City Hall is a historic site, it was built in the Mediterranean Revival style and it was added to the US National Register of Historic Places in 1974. This place is just a couple of blocks away from my office, in fact I have to drive by every day at night. I […]

2013 Urban Beach Weekend

This is the third year I am photographing the Urban Beach Weekend celebration here in Miami Beach, you can check out the last year gallery in my prior post clicking here. Memorial day celebrations brings colorful crowds to Miami Beach, so it is a great opportunity to practice street photography. The event is not really very […]

Wandering in the Florida Keys for The Daily

I was sent on assignment for the now defunct online newspaper “The Daily” to the Keys last year, too bad they are not longer around, I really liked their articles and content… but seems that they didn’t have enough subscribers to keep on going. So they gave me a shot list and sent me 2 days to the Florida […]

A cabin in the Smokies | HDR Photo

Back in December went to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, spent some days in this cute lodge cabin located right between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg in Tennessee. After a long day exploring the parks, while returning to the the cabin I made this photograph, it was the perfect time of the day. For print […]

“Viernes Culturales” in Little Havana

I went down to Little Havana here in Miami last Friday to takes some photos at the “Viernes Culturales” festival in Calle Ocho. I was invited by  Juan Reyes, a great street photographer, he runs the “Miami Street Photography Club”, and it was really great. This is a great group and I had fun. Unfortunately […]

Marlins Park Stadium in Miami | HDR Photos

I photographed the Stadium a couple of months ago, just a few weeks after construction was completed, it was one of the very first shoots with the Nikon D4 and I was really eager to try it. I was there right after sunset and waited for the blue hour, again one my favorite times of […]

Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine

Here is another photo taken during my recent trip to St. Augustine. This time the Castillo de San Marcos. This is one of the highlights of this old spanish city, construction was begun in 1672 by the spanish when Florida was Spanish territory, this is the oldest masonry fort in the United States. The fort […]

The Diner in Miami Beach

Found this place walking around  in Miami Beach, it is located in Washington Ave. and 11th Street. It was late in the afternoon, almost night, and I loved the retro look so I started to take photos from across the street, then decided to wait to have people in the scene, either walking in or walking out […]

Bahia Honda Rail Bridge

I was on assignment for the day last thursday in Key West shooting some vacation rental properties and in the way back to Miami had a chance to stop in Bahia Honda State Park to shoot the bridge. This is a place that I always wanted to go and shoot, every time I passed by on my […]

Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine

One the most iconic places in St. Augustine is the famous Bridge of Lions, imposible to miss this bascule bridge connects downtown St. Augustine with Anastasia Island. This is a very nice structure, the original bridge was completed in 1927, but it was declared “structurally deficient and functionally obsolete” in 1999 by the Department of Transportation. […]

Flagler College in St. Augustine

Here is an exterior shot of the main building of the Flagler College in St. Augustine, taken at dusk, I really love this time of the day for shoot. Needless to say this is an amazing building and if you are in the area I recommend you to take the guided tour, it is a […]

St. Augustine Lighthouse Staircase

Here is an interior view of the historic St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida, I took this picture in a recent trip. This was my third time in St. Augustine but the first time having time to shoot, the city is really wonderful and I’ll put more photos soon as I process them. The lighthouse was built in […]

2012 Miami Beach Urban Weekend

Memorial Day weekend has been transformed into the “Miami Beach Urban Weekend” one of the largest Hip Hop parties around the world, it brings a crowd of over 300.000 for 4 days full of fun, music and parties. A great opportunity to go out and do some street photography. It was really colorful and fun, […]

Aerial View of Downtown Miami | HDR Photo

I have really neglected the blog for several months now, dropped the ball, yup one more time…. excuses? Of course…. have tons of them… but what’s the case? Just hope to do it more often now that other obligations and ventures are starting to settle. Anyways… here is an HDR Photo of downtown Miami  taken […]

The Opera House

Quick break from posting images from Europe as I went downtown yesterday mostly to check out some places to come back another day and do some night photos. Late in the afternoon I was walking around the Performing Art Center and the Opera House, and I made some pictures of the buildings and ended up […]

Modern City

Here is a new HDR photo I made in my last expedition to downtown Miami at night, the picture is taken in a very modern building close to Biscayne Blvd and NE 1st Street. Looking in all directions always help to discover different angles and point of views, in this case you can’t stop looking […]

Abandoned Post | HDR Photo

Just after promised myself to post more often, it took me more than 4 weeks to post again…. shame on me…. but lots of things going on, and I was really overwhelmed with work. I am also considering start posting some of the commercial work I do with ModelMixStudios in this blog as well, so […]

Happy New Year from Miami!!!

Yes, just wanted to say happy new year to all my friends, it was a great year,  I got to know a lot of wonderful people, and learned so many things…. as always, the good the bad and the ugly, but you get to keep those wonderful moments. I have great expectations for 2011 and […]