Street Photography

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Back in February I went to New Orleans just for a weekend. I strolled around this amazing city making photos mainly around the French Quarter and across the river in Algiers Point. Coincidently with my trip was the first week of Mardi Gras, ahhh!!!! Mardi Gras in New Orleans… The beginning of 2 weeks of Carnival […]

Calle 8 Festival | Carnaval Miami

What’s going on at the Calle 8 festival? I didn’t know…  and I needed to find out, many photography friends always mentioned it like a great place for some street photography. My Little Havana experience was only “Viernes Culturales”  an event that runs the last friday of every month. But the Calle 8 Carnival it’s a […]

An Afternoon in Algiers Point | New Orleans

It looks like a movie set, at times surreal.  The mix of houses in disrepair and the ones restored is like nothing I’ve seen before. I am in Algiers Point, just 10 minutes away from the French Quarter, crossing the Mississippi River to the west bank by taking The Algiers Ferry. Established in 1719, this […]

People around Mandalay | Myanmar

My time in Mandalay was about 3 days, during those days wandered around, within the city mainly the outskirt of the city where you can find more traditional Burmese lifestyle than in the city itself. There is so much diversity here, monasteries, art and crafts workshops, and of course rural areas. In this post I […]

The Street Market in Yangon | Myanmar

In Yangon there are no chain stores, so where do locals turn for they daily needs? The street market… Yes, locals go shopping everyday and they go to the street market where they can find everything you can imagine. Dead or alive, from fresh produce to, rice, meats, spices and beyond. The market stretches for […]

Wandering in Yangon | Myanmar

Yangon truly is a bustling city. Despite the fact that it’s the former capital of Myanmar ever since 2006 rolled around, and the government relocated to Naypidaw, it’s still the country’s largest city and commercial center. Over 5 million souls call it home. The city is also known as Rangoon, but the name was changed […]

2013 Urban Beach Weekend

This is the third year I am photographing the Urban Beach Weekend celebration here in Miami Beach, you can check out the last year gallery in my prior post clicking here. Memorial day celebrations brings colorful crowds to Miami Beach, so it is a great opportunity to practice street photography. The event is not really very […]

Wandering in the Florida Keys for The Daily

I was sent on assignment for the now defunct online newspaper “The Daily” to the Keys last year, too bad they are not longer around, I really liked their articles and content… but seems that they didn’t have enough subscribers to keep on going. So they gave me a shot list and sent me 2 days to the Florida […]

While in Buenos Aires…

Already march!!! can’t believe how fast time goes, as I am getting ready to go to the first trip of 2013. Going to Russia in just a couple of days, I wanted to post the some of the final edits of the trip to Buenos Aires back in November. I was there mostly for work, […]

A day in Brasov | Romania

Happy new year!!! just back from a road trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee, had a wonderful time there, and I’ll be posting photos soon, but before that here is my last post from the trip to Romania back in October, you can see prior posts from that adventure here: Highlights […]

People in the Streets of Bucharest

Contrary to the last post of Bucharest where I’ve focused more in the architectural elements and character of the city, here, I focus more in people, the inhabitants of this truly cosmopolitan city. The photographs were made during several outings, morning, afternoon, parks, the subway system, basically all around the city at different times.           […]

Wandering in San José, Costa Rica

Just returned from 5 amazing days in Costa Rica, my first time in the country, and to make the story short, I hope I can get back soon. Costa Rica, is colorful, warm, with great people and amazing outdoors, I just visited San Jose and the Arenal Volcano area and I am really impressed. I […]

“Viernes Culturales” in Little Havana

I went down to Little Havana here in Miami last Friday to takes some photos at the “Viernes Culturales” festival in Calle Ocho. I was invited by  Juan Reyes, a great street photographer, he runs the “Miami Street Photography Club”, and it was really great. This is a great group and I had fun. Unfortunately […]

2012 Miami Beach Urban Weekend

Memorial Day weekend has been transformed into the “Miami Beach Urban Weekend” one of the largest Hip Hop parties around the world, it brings a crowd of over 300.000 for 4 days full of fun, music and parties. A great opportunity to go out and do some street photography. It was really colorful and fun, […]