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A day in Brasov | Romania

Happy new year!!! just back from a road trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee, had a wonderful time there, and I’ll be posting photos soon, but before that here is my last post from the trip to Romania back in October, you can see prior posts from that adventure here: Highlights […]

Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest

Went back to the archive and found this photo taken in Budapest last year, this is a marvelous city that I really want to go again, as I was there only 2 days and with a spare camera… so many places to see and almost no time. The history of the academy goes back to 1825, and […]

Downtown Miami at Night Photo

Here is a photo of downtown Miami at Night, I like this image because the point of view is different, I took this photograph from the 5th floor of a parking lot near Biscayne Ave looking South, there are some skyscrapers in the area but not as many as looking north, and I like the […]

If you want to learn more about microstock….

I just finished reading the book Microstock Money Shots: Turning Downloads into Dollars with Microstock Photography written by Ellen Boughn. Ellen, has worked in the stock industry for more than 30 years, making her one of the today’s go to consultants in the subject. In this book she describes with detail all aspects of the […]

A great tool to market and distribute my images

I’ve been using Photoshelter for some time now, at first just to have an online back up of my images and to easily showcase my work in galleries. But with the time they have introduced more and more tools, and today I use it almost every day as part of my workflow. Photoshelter is a […]

Boost your Microstock income with HDR photos

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos can be a great way to increase your potential income from microstock sites, in fact some of my best seller images are HDR. I know HDR it’s a very controversial subject among photographers, just mention it in any forum and you’ll have very intense discussions. If you look around for […]

My first year in microstock photography

I started contributing to microstock photo agencies about a year ago, I tried other outlets before that, none of them worked for me, or maybe, I was not patient enough to see the results. I was also really skeptical to license my images for such tinny prices, in some cases for cents, but a great […]

Microstock helped me to become a better photographer.

I’ve been shooting and contributing to the big six microstock agencies for over a year now. I really started because a good friend of mine who is an exclusive contributor in istockphoto encouraged me to do it. I was really skeptical, as I never believed that the effort needed to create the images will ever […]

About this blog

I started to play with the idea of redoing my personal site for some time now, I finally decided to go ahead and do it. I wanted a site to showcase my work, my vision and passion about photography, but also a place to share information, experience and industry news. I was born in Argentina, […]