Announcing Photo Tour to Myanmar

Hearted people, ancient traditions, and golden pagodas, all convey in Myanmar. Better know as Burma or the Golden Land, this corner of South East Asia allure all senses. Anyone interested in getting to know and experience South-Eastern Asia’s people and culture should visit Myanmar now.

Myanmar is going through a wake of political and economic reforms, and many places were off limits or totally banned for foreigners to visit just a couple of years back. Even today there are some places out of reach, but all that is rapidly changing. One of the most fascinating aspects of visiting is that in a lot of ways you feel like the clock has turned back. Specially in the countryside, where people still use horse cart to get around, buffalo’s are used to plow the fields and villagers enjoy the simple pleasures of traditional life. This is truly a great place and the reason of why I’ve partnered one more time with Digital Photo Mentor and created this fantastic photography tour. 

To a street, documentary, or landscape photographer Burma is heaven. From the street markets in the bustling Yangon, ancient temples in the plains of Bagan, and captivating villages around Inle Lake…nothing can compare. Most importantly its amazing people and communities that are always ready to welcome visitors and smile back. 

I have scouted Myanmar extensively in two prior trips and this tour is part of one the upcoming tours I am leading with and for Digital Photo Mentor Tours.  This is a unique opportunity to travel with not just one photography leader, but three! Myself,  Darlene Hildebrandt,  (a fantastic photo educator and the creator of and local photographer BootheeThaik Htun, will all be there to help you get the best shots possible.

The tour will run from February 16th to March 3rd of 2019 and I am truly excited about coming back to Myanmar. Believe me, it’s a fantastic place. So, if you are interested to join us, head over to the sign up page by clicking here.

Lastly, I leave you with a video I made in Myanmar last December. Hope to see you in Myanmar and as always feel free to share and comment. Of course, if you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me.