A day in Caño Negro, Costa Rica

I was really busy the last couple of weeks, overwhelmed with work and planning a couple of new trips for before the end of the year prevented me for keep posting.

But here are a couple of images of my day trip to the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica, this is a day trip from the Arenal Volcano region where I was staying, Caño Negro is located near the border with Nicaragua, in the northern part of Costa Rica.

This is a protected area, and the best way to to explore the area is by navigating the Rio Frio, you can take a boat nearby the small town of Los Chiles. This refuge is mainly a wetland, the area provides shelter for thousands of migratory birds, several species of monkeys, and various endangered species like cougars, jaguars, tapirs and Ocelots.

I really had a great time, the captain of the boat and guide was awesome, he pointed out and got really close to some animals, having someone with great knowledge of the area is key to understand and to be able to get glose. The most remarkable close encounter was the two-toed-sloth you can see in one the photos below, this guy was just a few steps away from us.

This is a really good place to visit if you go to Costa Rica, well that’s all for now, more coming soon…..

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