2013 Urban Beach Weekend

This is the third year I am photographing the Urban Beach Weekend celebration here in Miami Beach, you can check out the last year gallery in my prior post clicking here.

Memorial day celebrations brings colorful crowds to Miami Beach, so it is a great opportunity to practice street photography. The event is not really very welcomed by locals, since 2001 has built a bad reputation for its incidents, bad behavior and fashions. However, like in every place, common sense rules, as long as you don’t bother other ones or stay put from weird situations and activities nothing really happens and it is perfectly fine to photograph there.

I am still trying to, and want to love my Fujifilm X-E1 camera, so I decided to just bring that with a couple of lenses, left the Nikons at home, despite that I don’t like the electronic viewfinder, I am totally convinced that is a great camera, however it can’t replace the Nikon D4 in some cases, and there were some situations were I wished to have the Nikon yesterday, but also the D4 can’t beat the stealth mode and easiness to carry the Fuji. With all is an amazing carry around and travel camera that I plan to use more and more often.

Here is the gallery with the photos, (flash only) hope you like them.

2013 Miami Beach Urban Weekend – Images by Daniel Korzeniewski